Does SWAN Systems work on all internet browsers?

Does SWAN Systems work on all internet browsers?

SWAN Systems has been optimised for use on Google Chrome, and also works with the latest version of Microsoft Edge, if tracking prevention is turned off.

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    • SWAN has been do I clear Chrome's cached images and files?

      After each SWAN Systems software update you will need to clear your browser of cached images and files, otherwise you will not be able to see the latest features. To do this, please follow these steps. Copy and paste the following URL into a Chrome ...
    • Description of Health Indexes available via SWAN Systems

      Turf - NDVI With the March 2021 release of SWAN Systems came a whole new suite of health indexes to assist you in monitoring the health of your plants. To find out which one is best suited to your needs, please refer to the list below. NDVI – ...
    • What is a SWAN Systems Partner and how do I become one?

      A SWAN Systems Partner is an individual or company that is at the forefront of Environmental Monitoring, Irrigated Horticulture and Agriculture, Public Open Space, and Natural Resources Management industries. Our Partners are committed to ensuring ...
    • I use greenhouses, can SWAN help me?

      There is no reason why you cannot use SWAN Systems in a greenhouse but generally greenhouse operations use software designed specifically for greenhouses. 
    • When does the data get into SWAN?

      Data is collected from a range of sources and uploaded into SWAN on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the type of data, and how often SWAN has been asked to collect the data. Forecast weather data is collected twice a day, once early in the ...