I’m a dry land farmer, can SWAN help me?

I’m a dry land farmer, can SWAN help me?

We certainly can. SWAN Systems is more than just about scheduling irrigation. The Site Health feature shows the health of your paddocks based on the latest NDVI satellite data. SWAN Systems can also help you plan and manage your fertiliser applications, and report on what has been planned versus applied. Get in touch with us, or with your local SWAN Systems dealer to find out more.

If these features are not of immediate interest to you, you can sign up to receive our free weather forecast emails. Just visit https://weatherwise.swansystems.com.au and follow the prompts.

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    • Where do the weather forecasts come from?

      We purchase our forecasts for Australia from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM). The BoM run multiple forecast models using super computers, and teams of meteorologists refine the results using their extensive knowledge of local conditions. ...
    • What if I don't have a flow meter / weather station on my property?

      You don’t need to have a flow meter or weather station set up on your property in order to use SWAN. Although the ideal scenario would be to have a flow meter installed, valve nominal flows and irrigation events duration could be used to calculate ...
    • Do I need a weather station?

      If you already have a reliable weather station on your property, SWAN Systems can use the data from that when it calculates the soil moisture balance of your sites. SWAN can also use data from nearby weather stations, such as those owned by the BoM, ...
    • What if the forecast rain doesn’t eventuate?

      The SWAN Systems model of your fields will be updated every time new information is received, this includes weather forecasts and observed rainfall at nearby weather stations. As the model steps through the days, forecasted rainfall amounts will be ...
    • I use greenhouses, can SWAN help me?

      There is no reason why you cannot use SWAN Systems in a greenhouse but generally greenhouse operations use software designed specifically for greenhouses.