Why should I believe what SWAN recommends?

Why should I believe what SWAN recommends?

SWAN Systems operates utilising scientifically proven algorithms backed up by many years farming and consulting to irrigation industries such as horticulture.  Now that it is available as a SaaS solution, anyone with a subscription can get the benefits that only a few years ago were available to very few.

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    • I use greenhouses, can SWAN help me?

      There is no reason why you cannot use SWAN Systems in a greenhouse but generally greenhouse operations use software designed specifically for greenhouses. 
    • When does the data get into SWAN?

      Data is collected from a range of sources and uploaded into SWAN on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the type of data, and how often SWAN has been asked to collect the data. Forecast weather data is collected twice a day, once early in the ...
    • I’m a dry land farmer, can SWAN help me?

      We certainly can. SWAN Systems is more than just about scheduling irrigation. The Site Health feature shows the health of your paddocks based on the latest NDVI satellite data. SWAN Systems can also help you plan and manage your fertiliser ...
    • Why doesn’t SWAN schedule from actual soil moisture probes?

      Soil moisture probes (SMP) are valuable tools to monitor your soil moisture status, however their accuracy can vary and is dependent on many factors. Because of this SWAN does not include SMP data to generate an irrigation schedule. The factors that ...
    • SWAN has been updated...how do I clear Chrome's cached images and files?

      After each SWAN Systems software update you will need to clear your browser of cached images and files, otherwise you will not be able to see the latest features. To do this, please follow these steps. Copy and paste the following URL into a Chrome ...